Statement on matters related to the airdrop round 2 .
By the way, round 3 is on the way.

2 min readMar 22, 2021

Unfortunately, due to some objective reasons, our second airdrop ended in advance, and there are many questions and dissatisfaction in the community. We are truly sorry, and we will give an explanation below and conduct the third airdrop in the next few days.

Airdrop can help more users join CherrySwap ecology . So it is planned that we will conduct three airdrops in total before deploying the mainnet.

The first airdrop, is based on community popularity and functional testing.

The second airdrop, is to airdrop 50–500 OKT holders in specific block to attract more users of OKExChain to join us.

The third airdrop, is for the users who actively participate in the CherrySwap experience and for gratitude to the enthusiasm of the community , and to lay a solid foundation for community autonomy after the launch of mainnet.

In order to prevent too many BOT’ participation from affecting the experience of real users, we decided not to announce the rules in advance for the second airdrop.

But in practice, we have encountered various problems. For example:

① When we try to collect address list held across the network, OKExChain didn’t provide the corresponding API interface, so we can only use script to obtain the address.

② When using the official node, due to its security restriction (JSON RPC) , we are unable to obtain complete data.

③ We try to build the node by ourselves and use the method of web3.eth.getBalance(address,1379439) to get the address, but we can not obtain the corresponding balance,
we can only receive the balance of the current latest block.

After several times of coordination and communication with OKExChain,
we collected all the addresses of block #1121818 to 1379439 (block of activity ending time), and took a snapshot of block #1469195 , and checked the OKT balance of all addresses of current block. Finally, we conducted the following filtering:

1. Extracted the wallet addresses of all users with OKT balance of 50–500.
2. Filtered some addresses that may be behaviors of machine, e.g there are about 6000 addresses with continuous height or adjacent height but identical balance (10 bit precision) repeated more than 10 times.

However, after the second airdrop, we found that the block data was still incomplete through user feedback. And CherrySwap server continues to be attacked, resulting in errors in the activity page, users can not continue to query airdrop qualifications, so we have to end the second airdrop ahead of time.

We are very sorry about that. Of course, for the registered addresses of second airdrop , we will still release airdrop of at least 75 CHE .

Because of the range setting of the second airdrop, some users who used OKT to test and conduct mining in CherrySwap thought that they were abandoned by the second airdrop. But it’s not the actual situation. You’ve been in our plan for the third airdrop, which will come in the next few days.

We are truly sorry! Thank you all again for your support.We will be more rigorous in all our work.