How to Claim Memecherry Genesis Airdrop

3 min readMay 10, 2023


Step 1 Connect Wallet

Go to Memecherry and connect your wallet with the whitelisted address.

Step 2 Send USDT as Claiming Gas

Click [Claim Airdrop 1] start to sending USDT.

If your address is not on the whitelist, you will not be able to send us gas.

Both BSC and OKC networks are supported.

After clicking [Send], you will send us 30 USDT after wallet authorization.

Step 3 Enter Your BRC-20 Wallet Address

Submit your BRC-20 wallet Address, E-mail, and retweet code. Click [Confirm] to complete and wait for the tokens to be issued.

Twitter Code

Click [ To retweet], and [Retweet].

In the link retweet, the string of numbers followed by the [status] is the Twitter code.

if you don’t have a BRC-20 wallet address yet, we recommend you use Unisat to create one.

How to get a BRC-20 wallet address?

  • Log in UniSat website
  • Download the wallet plug-in
  • Create a new BTC address and set your password and save your secret recovery phrase

Click [Continue] to generate your wallet address, choose the third address type (Taproot), click [Continue] again and copy your address.

About memeCherry(MERY)

Experimental BRC-20 Token issued by CherrySwap.