CherrySwap will launch Lottery soon

CherrySwap will officially launch Lottery on August 4th at 6 pm (HKT), and start the “Double Destruction Plan”. That is, when 20% of the CHE in the Lottery prize pool is destroyed, Team will provide the same amount of CHE to be transferred to the destruction address. This part of CHE will be provided by the CherrySwap market fund until the market fund is consumed.

At the same time, in order to give back to the community, CherrySwap Team decided to present a Tesla Model 3 to the first one first prize winner of Lottery!

Note: If the first one first prize contains multiple winners, only one lucky person can get the Tesla Model 3. We will sort by the last four digits of the winner’s Tx ID, and select the smallest number as the lucky person for Tesla Model 3.

Good Luck!

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