CherrySwap successfully passed the security audit of KNOWNSEC.

According to the official news, OKExChain’s first batch of automated market-making protocols, the CherrySwap, has successfully passed the security audit of Tencent’s network security company-KNOWNSEC, and the audit report has been issued. According to the report, 31 audit items in the two major categories of business security testing and basic vulnerability testing of code, have all passed the audit at one time, and the contracts are risk-free as per the comprehensive assessment.

CherrySwap is the automatic market-making protocol based on OKExchain, which aims to provide participants with the maximum value. At present, CherrySwap has launched the contracts on test-net, and opened the functions of Exchange, Liquidity and Farms. KNOWNSEC was founded in 2007, its customers include CMBC, Citic Securities, Tencent, Tik Tok, Bitmain and Huobi.






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