CherrySwap Reaches Merger Deal with Rollup.Finance

2 min readDec 9, 2023

We are proud to announce that CherrySwap has completed a merger deal with Rollup.Finance , which will allow us to work together to enhance and expand both our products and communities in the face of unforeseen market and macro changes.

The merger deal will help us understand and respond to the changes in the crypto world, providing a new perspective for the continued growth of CherrySwap’s products and community. We believe that this will further enable CherrySwap to enter the Layer2 market, quickly integrate into the zkSync ecosystem, and drive momentum to enhance our market competitiveness.

Following the merger, both parties remain independent in their development and operations, working to drive integration and collaboration between the two communities. Going forward, the two teams will engage in discussions regarding the integration of product feature sets and services for the two projects or will join forces to build a comprehensive solution to access digital asset liquidity, addressing the ecosystem development on zkSync.

Observation Period

The merger deal stipulates that both parties have a 6-month observation period, during which either party has the right to quit and resume independent branding.

Token Merger

Token merger whereby users holding $CHE can exchange them for Rollup.Finance’s native token $ROP at a certain ratio, which will be announced after the $ROP TGE.

About Rollup.Finance

Rollup.Finance is a decentralized derivatives exchange launched initially on zkSync, an innovative solution for perpetual trading on Layer 2, creating a new model for on-chain perpetual trading and providing sustainable returns for users.

Advanced trading infrastructure honed through experience, the Rollup.Finance protocol unleashes a powerful suite of decentralized liquidity products, including spot and derivative trading engines, smart order routers, key indicators & on-chain data analysis tools. Learn more at:

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