CherrySwap reached cooperation with Certik, KNOWNSEC and NONEAGE on security audit.

2 min readMar 16, 2021

CherrySwap has entered into a cooperative relationship with Certik, a network security company invested by Binance, and Tencent’s network security companies, KNOWNSEC and NONEAGE, the famous auditing firm, on security services. Now it has officially started auditing related work. This security audit includes 21 security audit points. During the audit, CherrySwap team will continue to maintain information symmetry and problems communication with the audit firm, strengthen the security construction of CherrySwap project, and escort the safety of users’ assets.

Certik aims to provide the highest level of security solutions for operating systems, cloud services, blockchain and other software systems with formal verification technology. CertiKOS anti-hacker operating system independently developed by its team has filed a U.S patent. So far, it has provided high-quality services for 200 + enterprises and successfully protected digital assets and software system security of 70 billion + RMB.

KNOWNSEC was founded in 2007, its customers include CMBC, Citic Securities, GF Securities, Tencent, JD, Jinri Toutiao, Sina microblog, Tik Tok, Bitmain, Huobi and Hexun.

NONEAGE is a practical and innovative network security enterprise focusing on the ecological security of blockchain. Currently, it has developed automatic audit system of smart contracts, intelligent contract firewall and AML system based on digital assets.

CherrySwap is the automatic market-making protocol based on OKExchain. It adopts mechanism of Automatic Market Maker (AMM) and aims to achieve self-driven liquidity creation with diversified functions such as liquidity mining, IFO, NFT and DAO, so as to provide participants with the maximum value. At present, CherrySwap has launched the contracts on test-net, simultaneously opened the functions of Exchange, Liquidity and Farms.