CherrySwap has officially settled in the HyperPay wallet.

According to the official news, CherrySwap has officially launched DAPP of HyperPay wallet. Users can participate in the product testing of CherrySwap through the function of “one click to get test coin” opened in HyperPay wallet. Previously, CherrySwap has successively settled in BitKeep, ONTO, TokenPocket, Coinhub and other wallets!

CherrySwap is the first automatic market-making protocol based on OKExchain. It aims to achieve self-driven liquidity creation with diversified functions such as liquidity mining, IFO, NFT and DAO, so as to provide participants with the maximum value.

HyperPay is the world’s first four-in-one digital asset wallet, innovatively integrating off-chain wallet, on-chain wallet, shared wallet, and hardware wallet. It has more than one million users, more than $1 billion in asset management, and more than 310 million transfers.






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