An airdrop activity for OKT(test coin) holders !!

Hello, lucky guys 😊

An airdrop activity for OKT(test coin) holders !!

Don’t worry! This will not affect the airdrop release for participating in the first beta activity.

It’s just an extra gift!

What is the total amount of airdrop?

Total : 750,000 CHE

Address quantity: 15,000 valid addresses at most

Obtained amount: If valid address not reach 15,000, participants can equally share 750,000 CHE, If more than 15,000, at least 50 CHE。

Who is eligible for the airdrop?

Any address with test coin OKT of [50,500] in OKExChain (testnet) at block # 1469195 is eligible for this airdrop, but:

  1. Once valid queries reached 15,000, the flash airdrop ended.
  2. 24h later, the flash airdrop ended.

With any one of the conditions reached, airdrop query no longer accept applications.

How will the airdrop proceed?

CherrySwap will start to accept airdrop applications at 11:30am on Mar. 20 (EST).

Application method:

  1. Enter testnet wallet address to check on
  2. You will have 24h to input the wallet address to check if you have obtained the airdrop, [YES] means that the application is successful;

[NO] means that you do not match with the address with test token OKT of [50,500] in OKExChain (testnet) at block # 1469195.

The airdrop will be distributed after the deploying the mainnet.

We have screened some obvious BOT behaviors, which involved about 6000 addresses, these addresses are not in the airdrop white list.

In the future, there will be more exciting events in CherrySwap, please join us and focus on the decentralized governance of DeFi together with OKExChain.

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